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"Let age enhance your dreams rather than define them."
Bruce Conner 2008

"Getting better and going faster, is more about intentions and choices than age." Bruce Conner 2013

This is the Official Website of Bruce Conner.  Bruce's remarkable story began in 1975, when at the age of 19 he qualified for the U.S Olympic Trials in Speed Skating.  Shortly thereafter, he retired from skating to pursue a family and professional career as a pilot. 

Two decades after "retirement" Bruce has returned to the sport he loves.  His speed and dedication has only improved with age.  His work ethic and passion drove him to qualify for the Olympic Trials again at age 49, 53, and 57 (oldest ever!).  And this is merely the beginning of the story....

Bruce currently holds 4 masters World Records and 2 World Masters Sprint Titles. He has just become the oldest person ever, at age 57, to qualify for the Olympic Trials in Speed Skating!

Follow Bruce's journey, discover his story and learn the remarkable philosophy that has allowed him to accomplish more later in life...

Breaking Down Barriers, Journeying Toward Wholeness

Faster As A Master....
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Thanks for the amazing support everyone!  It has been so wonderful to have been featured in articles by the New York Times and USA Today.  This is what keeps the drive alive, can't wait for the next step!!

  • Masters Speed Skating Clinic Pettit National Ice Center 9/24-28/2014

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